25-27 November 2011

26.11.2011 @ 13:06

-Uploaded website content

-Created web site content

-Programmed NFC tag with demo information pertinent to what would be found on a lost child

-Demonstrated NFC tag and tap using Samsung Nexus S. Demo included reading tag and placing call to parent of lost child


26.11.2011 @ 18:18

-Designed product logo

-Designed identity document

-Comprised business case

-Thanks Maria for banner design and pics of NFC tag!

-Vision/concept change based on discussion with Ms. Marjaana Toiminen, CEO Bonnier Publications


27.11.2011 @ 00:00

-John reviews NFC coupon poster

-John reviews “Parent Finder” app

-”Parent Finder” demo is filmed

-John creates web site layout

-John prepares to build website


27.11.2011 @ 04:00

-John finishes web site design and uploads it to Internet.


27.11.2011 @ 08:00

-John revises online coupons

-NFC luggage tag created

-John adapts “Parent Find” logo to NFC token

-John creates Parent Find demo doll

-John rehearses for presentation

-John performs last minute tasks


27.11.2011 @ 15:00

-Team gives presentation and event ends 2 hours later.

Project Status