Johanna Laitinen

GSM +358405551212


Sat, May 29

Flight from Boston (BOS) to San Fransico (SFO)

United Airlines 179

Aircraft 757-200

nonstop 6h, 44m

Seat 26F

Depart: Boston, 18:04, terminal C

Arrive: San Fransico 21:48, terminal 3



My suitcase contents

-robe, slippers and jammy :)







-face products

-hair products

-small family photo in a tiny frame

-make up

-shower cap

-sewing kit

-reading material

-fancy clothes

-workout clothing

-business shoes

-glasses, or contacts and their solutions

-cell phone charger!!!!!!

-shopping bag

-note book, or journal, or just pen and paper, or stationary

-lotsa money!


-green card, or passport, or both but!!!!!!!!.. IDENTIFICATION IN YOUR WALLET!