Lindström Family:

Lindström Family Prelude  -  A letter by John W. Tengstrom

“My Family”: By Augusta Lind Anderson

Planet Tengström

My mother named me “Paavo”, in honor of her father.

Rymättylä Rimito Kuolleet 1827-1892

af Tengström

Archbishop Jakob Tengström

Sukuluettelo Rymättylän Pitajan Ruotsalaisten Suvusta

Rymättylä Rimito Vihityt 1795-1866

Tengström Family:

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Paavo Heino:

Tengström Genealogy

Johan Zefanias Tengström

Tengström family grave in Rymättylä, Finland.

Church of Rymättylä

Turku Cathedral

Church of Kuhmoinen

The documentation referenced below was obtained through: family members, biographies, and genealogical websites. Since 1995, I have been actively involved in research at the National Archives in Helsinki, Finland. My findings have yielded volumes of information; producing extremely reliable evidence dating the Tengström family to the late 1600’s.


This page serves as a depository for documents and information essential in genealogical research.

Felix Tengström

SS Teutonic Manifest  -  23 September 1905

Dad outlines history behind Brooklyn Explosion

Hilkka Siviä Tengström




o.s. Heino

The following three legal references document the wrongful death case of Felix Tengström.

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